Environmental Trail in Sakhalin Botanical Garden

Sakhalin Botanical Garden is arranging a Trail to Knowledge – an environmental trail designed to help people learn about unique environmental systems and collections of the Sakhalin Garden. 


Environmental Trail in Sakhalin Botanical Garden
The idea to create a trail did not come out of the blue. Since the moment the Botanical Garden re-opened its doors to the public three years ago it has already welcomed over eight thousand visitors, which is quite a challenge for the facility. As a result of such high community interest, the existing narrow and short distance sightseeing trails could not accommodate all visitors.  Therefore, to make a visit to the Garden informative, comfortable and safe for all guests and habitants, the sightseeing trails, equipped with information stands and theme-based stop platforms, needed to be re-arranged.   

The Volunteers from the Large Baikal Trail Association and Sakhalin-1 Consortium offered their help with the equipment purchase. The Project was supported as part of the ENL social grant projects contest. 

Project preparation started with the scope development in April 2021. Volunteers from all over Russia and other countries arrived in Sakhalin in late June. They are now helping to pave a new environmental trail that will be launched this autumn. 

“This is not our first project with the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Botanical Garden. ENL volunteers have many times participated in the environmental clean-up days and Botanical Garden landscaping projects. Nevertheless, this large-scale project supported by our company is one of a kind,” ENL P&GA Specialist Elena Alyokhina says. “Opening of the new, upgraded environmental trail is scheduled for autumn, and we are looking forward to taking a walk through it.”

Trail to Knowledge is a grant project aimed to preserve the unique environmental systems and collections of the Sakhalin Botanical Garden and showcase these to the increasing number of local resident visitors. Besides landscaping of the new 800-meter long environmental trail, the project included trail-building workshops and public awareness campaigns.