A string orchestra won the grand prize at children music festival in Okha

All children participants received commemorative diplomas and prizes.


A string orchestra won the grand prize at children music festival in Okha

The 9th Stars of the Northern Capital Festival was held in Okha from March 16-17. The Sakhalin 1 Consortium has sponsored this event since it began in 2011. Thanks to the Consortium's support throughout the years, this festival has become an important event for the region. The festival is a unique opportunity for young talents to gain experience competing against other talents on the island.

This year, about 150 children from 9 districts of Sakhalin Oblast gathered in Okha. Some teams traveled across Sakhalin Island from the south to participate in the event. Individuals and performance groups musically competed against each other. Despite their young age, the musicians demonstrated incredible instruction of their instruments. The audience, and the jury of four teachers, including two professors from the Far Eastern State Institute of Arts, were impressed.

Members of the jury not only assessed skill levels, they also shared their knowledge with the children and teachers during master classes. For many children, this trip was the first experience participating in a large-scale musical event, and, of course, an unforgettable opportunity to meet professional musicians.

After the gala concert, which included the best selected performances, all children received commemorative diplomas and prizes. The winner, Impulse, a string orchestra from the Okha Children’s School of Arts, received the grand prize. Impulse will now compete in a higher level cultural event. Most importantly, the children and teachers received a huge boost of creative energy, which will certainly manifest itself in their future achievements.

Our congratulations to all participants!