First steps to science and engineering.

The Sakhalin-1 Consortium sponsored gifts for all participants of the robotic competitions for preschoolers.


First steps to science and engineering.

The Advisory Committee that coordinates cooperation between Exxon Neftegas Limited, the Sakhalin-1 Project Operator, and the indigenous minority people of Sakhalin Oblast held a meeting on January 10. The Advisory Committee was formed under the trilateral Agreement on the cooperation among ENL, the Government of Sakhalin Oblast and the Regional Council of authorized Representatives of Indigenous Minorities of the North in Sakhalin Oblast, which was signed on September 4, 2012. The meeting was attended by representatives from ENL, Sakhalin Oblast Government, and the Regional Council of Authorized Representatives of Indigenous Minorities of the North in Sakhalin Oblast.

Lyudmila Kravchuk, the Chair of the Regional Council, informed the participants about the work completed by Regional Council’s in 2019, and the ENL representatives reported on the Sakhalin-1 activities that are currently underway. Regina Fyedulova, chief advisor in Sakhalin Government’s IMPN interaction department, informed on the Government’s support for indigenous people.

The participants of the Advisory Committee also discussed social projects implemented with the support of Sakhalin-1 Consortium in 2019 to preserve culture, promote native languages and support the traditional way of life of the indigenous peoples.Three of the supported social projects were recognized as the most successful including education course for the selected local craftsmen on sewing, support to local artists for participation in international fair and exhibition in Moscow Treasures of the North 2019, and regional festival Inheritors of Traditions.

Twelve application has been reviewed and recommended for the financing in 2020:

• Support for the Intermunicipal Festive Ceremony Feeding of the Sea Spirit Master

• Support for the 6th Living Traditions Regional Festival

• Financing of occupational retraining of teachers of native languages

• Support for the 13th Regional Festival of Indigenous Minorities of the North in Sakhalin Oblast

• The Golden Stitch “Ais Tif” project, a workshop and master-classes on traditional embroidery and making of traditional clothes

•The Journey to the Myth of Nivkhs project, mobile exhibitions and master-classes of indigenous artists

• The project for the revival of Bear Festivity music involving preparation of two video films on the fabrication and use of indigenous music instruments and Music of the Bear Dance activities

• The Nivkh culture and local lore week (at the boarding school in the village of Nekrasovka)

• Creation of the first animated cartoon for children in the Nivkh and Russian language

• Support to traditional Reindeer Herders including regular festival Kurei