Yuzhno Sakhalinsk Hosted Leather Ball Cup

“Sakhalin-1” supported the regional games for al-Russia kids soccer tournament - Leather Ball Cup.


Yuzhno Sakhalinsk Hosted Leather Ball Cup

There’s only a couple of days before the FIFA World Cup in Russia, which will make 2018 a very special year for Russian football. This is the most popular game in the world and, in Russia, football has a larger fan base than any other sport. There’s probably not a single child in the country who has never kicked a football at least once in their lifetime.

This year, the FIFA World Cup will share the spotlight with Leather Ball.   The first Leather Ball Cup was held in 1964. The idea comes from a famous soviet goalkeeper Leo Yashin. It has been over 50 years since then, and the Cup has become a national tradition as a sporting event that focuses on children and youth sports.

Recently, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk hosted the regional games for the Leather Ball Cup at Cosmos stadium in Gagarin Park.  Teams of different ages gathered from almost all district of Sakhalin Oblast and, except for the seniors who play in July, have identified the winning teams for the next competition.

Sports help promote a healthy lifestyle among children and shape a motivated and balanced personality; even more so if it’s your favorite sport! This is the reason Exxon Neftegas Limited has been supporting the Leather Ball Cup for 11 years. We congratulate the winners and wish all the participants continued success!