Career Orientation Tour

On May 19, a group of 20 seniors from Val school, accompanied by their teachers, visited the Chayvo OPF.


Val in the Nogliki District is located 25 kilometers away from the Chayvo Oil Processing Facility (OPF).  Due to its close proximity, Val Secondary School, asked Exxon Neftegas Limited to arrange a career guidance tour of the facility for senior school students. The company readily agreed!

On May 19, a group of 20 seniors, accompanied by their teachers, arrived at the Chayvo OPF. The facility is the heart of the Sakhalin-1 Project’s infrastructure. Product from all project well sites flow to this OPF where it is treated and transformed into purified oil and gas.

After a mandatory safety briefing, the guests were invited on a detailed tour of the impressive facility.

Technicians guided the group and explained the functionality and importance of the production facility, the different duties of the employees, and the qualifications required of an engineer and technician.

Later in the day, the students and teachers visited a well site located near the Chayvo OPF.  The road to the well site runs over a unique bridge across the Chayvo Bay. The bridge is 830 meters long and was specifically designed to support the transportation of heavy equipment utilized in the construction of the facility. Currently the bridge is used for daily commuting of employees and for local reindeer herders who run their reindeer to Chayvo Spit, decreasing their route around the bay.

At the well site, the guests learned about Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) wells located under the sea floor at the offshore Chayvo field. ERD is a more environmentally friendly way of drilling because several wellbores can be drilled from one well site to reach different field sectors. This particular way of drilling eliminates the need for additional offshore platforms, underwater pipelines, and other drilling assets.

The students also visited accommodation facilities, which included canteens, recreation rooms, gyms, and camp rooms. 

This trip was an outstanding opportunity for Val senior students to learn more about one of the most advanced facilities in Sakhalin.  Now, as the students prepare for upcoming exit examinations and develop future educational plans, the tour can be used as a guidance tool for prospective opportunities.