Pathway to Knowledge is the Path to Success.

Sakhalin-1 will provide almost 4.5 million rubles to support the educational project Eureka – the Path to Success.


Pathway to Knowledge is the Path to Success.

The Sakhalin Oblast Ministry of Education, ENL and Regional Education Quality Assessment Center in Sakhalin Oblast (GBU) signed a trilateral agreement in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on April 5. This important project will be directly stewarded by the Regional Education Quality Assessment Center in Sakhalin Oblast.

Eureka – the Path to Success has a very long history. The project goal is to support and develop talented children interested in mathematics and the natural sciences; which include physics, chemistry and biology. Annually, since 2011, Exxon Neftegas Limited has supported Eureka.  Thus far, ENL has provided almost 28 million rubles, which has aided in the organization of seasonal schools! The most well-known of these schools that ENL supports is an annual summer school in the Tomari settlement. The Eureka project also includes the purchasing of a vast array of educational equipment.  Some of the educational equipment includes robotic modules and digital laboratories for scientific experiments and tools that aid in the professional development of teachers.

As one of industry leaders in expanding the application of mathematics, science and technology, Exxon Neftegas Limited finds it particularly important to pay special attention to education projects that will enhance the future for students interested in developing their minds and skills in these areas.

Eureka is not the only example of successful cooperation between the Sakhalin-1 and educational establishments. Another large-scale project included the provisioning of advanced equipment to Sakhalin State University (SSU).  The equipment gave the students a unique opportunity to obtain world-class theoretical knowledge and practical skills. SSU’s Technical Oil and Gas Institute offers a unique educational course in Petroleum Engineering. This particular course is partnered with the leading Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas.  Upon successful completion, students receive a diploma of additional higher education from Gubkin University. Another avenue of educational support is through the development of robotic engineering. The Company’s support includes the purchasing of equipment for Sakhalin schools and the organization of robotic engineering contests while promoting safe and reliable educational programs for students. In the near future, master-classes on competitive robotic engineering for Sakhalin teachers and Sakhalin robotic engineering forums will be held. The aim of these and other educational projects is to provide Sakhalin children with access to the latest developments in the field of mathematics and science, and the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained.