Stars of Northern Capital gathered Sakhalin artists

Last weekend, on March 24-25 Okha hosted a national folk festival Stars of the Northern Capital.


Stars of Northern Capital gathered Sakhalin artists

The festival has long become traditional: this year it was held for the 8th time. The theme of the contest differs from year to year: in 2017 it was drama acting, in 2016 – dancing, in 2015 – musical performances, and so on down to the very first contest seven years ago.

This year the contest participants from nursery pupils to young people a little over 20 demonstrated their vocal skills. On the first day of the festival over 170 singers from Okha, Nogliki and Poronaysk performed in front of the jury both with their teams and individually. It was quite a challenge to choose the best ones, since the level of the Okha contest participants is traditionally high. This is the reason why the jury of the vocal contest comprised of the professors from the Khabarovsk State High School of Arts Tatiana Popova and Natalya Kolpakova. They offered their expertise to choose 10 best performers for the gala concert that took place the next day and selected the best ones afterwards.

Name of an absolute winner remained secret up to the very end. It was truly something to feel anxious about: Grand Prix was a money certificate for the trip to the high-level Russian contest, where contest participants have a chance to demonstrate their skills and compete for the recognition by the whole country. The Jury awarded Grand Prix by right to the High Spirits chorus from Okha Children’s School of Art under the guidance of Anna Ternovskaya. They sang in Pop-and-Jazz Vocalists nomination and really inflamed the audience with their fabulous voices.

Each Okha festival, in addition to scene performance experience, gives participants a chance for further artistic development. This time the professors from Khabarovsk State High School of Arts conducted master classes, where they shared their secrets of folk and pop-and-jazz vocal technique: the right way to breathe, control the voice and even move on stage. Each detail is undoubtedly important!

The idea of the festival dates back to 2010 when Sakhalin-1 launched production at the Odoptu field. After Okha’s artists demonstrated their skillful performance at the celebration Exxon Neftegas Limited decided that local talents should be supported. The first annual artistic festival conducted in Sakhalin northern capital in 2011. Since that time and up to now Sakhalin-1 project has always been a principal partner of the festival. Thanks to the energy of festival organizers and support of the oil company, the annual event has become an artistic convention of children and young people and a platform for the skill improvement. The festival has proved that the Stars of the Northern Capital becomes a start in profession for some participants. And the fundamental result of the festival is that some people may uncover their life’s true calling thanks to such a wonderful project.