Sakhalin-1 Odoptu Stage 2 starts up.

In December 2017, Sakhalin-1 operator Exxon Neftegas Limited safely and on schedule started production operations within the frames of the Odoptu Stage 2.


Sakhalin-1 Odoptu Stage 2 starts up.

This milestone was marked with completion of the first gas injection well ODGI-01 which went on line on December 15, and thereafter the Odoptu field production rates exceeded 60 thousand barrels per day. The first oil production well, OP-14, was also completed in December 2017, and began production in January 2018. These extended reach wells were drilled as part of the Odoptu Stage 2 drilling program by the new drilling rig Krechet, which is one of the most powerful onshore drilling rigs in the world.

The Odoptu field was put into production in 2010 when nine oil producers were drilled and process equipment was installed under the First Stage Production project. Stage 2 has almost doubled the field production capacity helping to fully develop the field’s reserves and to sustain Sakhalin-1 production levels.

The Odoptu Stage 2 project has been executed with the highest safety standards; over 20 million hours were achieved without a lost time injury. For the enhanced safety and reliability of the project development in an area with harsh climate conditions, ENL successfully applied the modular construction strategy. Heavy modules with process equipment and with sections of the Krechet rig were fabricated at the remote fabrication sites, and then sealifted to the Odoptu construction site by ocean-going barges. It took 18 voyages to deliver the modules weighing over 22,000 tons in total during the ice-free seasons in 2016 and 2017.

In order to address the environmental sensitivities of northeastern Sakhalin, Exxon Neftegas Limited developed and implemented comprehensive environment protection measures for onshore and offshore operations including the Marine Mammal Protection Plan, which became a key to safe completion of the sealift with no incidents to people and wildlife.