Process safety

Successfully managing process safety protects our people, the community and the environment by properly controlling the hazards inherent to our operations. 


Process safety failures lead to gas releases, fires, explosions and spills that could result in multiple fatalities and serious injuries, impact surrounding communities, and threaten the success of our business.

Superior process safety performance and the elimination of process safety events requires relentless focus on the following:

  • A full commitment to the effective execution of our OIMS process safety-related systems
  • Understanding the operating scenarios that may lead to process safety events and ensure the right safeguards are in place to prevent them
  • Ensuring a Precise Execution mindset is in place by identifying process safety critical tasks, establishing clear responsibilities, and equipping team members to execute these tasks effectively
  • Sharing and applying lessons learned from incidents, operating experience and assessments

A key component of managing process safety risks is the identification and proactive management of the major hazards, the associated scenarios that might lead to an event, and the safeguards that prevent or mitigate the consequence of an event.

A key element of process safety management is the identification and preventative monitoring of major hazards, relevant process safety incident scenarios, and safeguards that help prevent and mitigate unsafe consequences.  Knowing and recognizing major hazards and taking steps to prevent them is vital.  

Educating employees about preventative and mitigative safeguards present at any stage of a process is a key defense against major process safety events.

It is important that all safeguards function in an effective and integrated manner. Competent workers are  assigned the responsibility for each safeguard and are trained to know how to assess the health of the safeguards and verify their effectiveness.

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