Contract selection overview

The contractor is chosen from the number of those that passed the prequalification by means of technical and commercial evaluation.


In order to become Sakhalin-1 potential contractor, it is recommended to:

  • Get registered in Sakhalin-1 potential vendors database, Vendor Registration tab;
  • Follow Sakhalin-1 site tender announcements, Contracting Opportunities tab;
  • Get familiarized with Sakhalin-1 prime contracts list for potential subcontracting opportunities, Prime Contracts tab.

For major Sakhalin-1 tenders, Exxon Neftegas Limited typically uses the following contractor selection process:

Step 1: Initial Selection

ENL compiles a list of potential contractors, suppliers and vendors for the tender through various sources, including:

  • Sakhalin-1 potential vendors database (getting into the database for a company is as easy as just getting registered through the Sakhalin-1 web site, Vendor Registration tab);
  • Nominations from  the Sakhalin-1 Consortium members, Sakhalin Oblast government, Russian Federation Ministry of Energy, Russian Federation Ministry of  Industry and Trade;
  • Direct inquiries from interested parties.

Step 2: Contractor Qualification Process

ENL and its major contractors undertake assessments related to potential vendor capabilities and technical qualifications, including Health, Safety & Environment policies. Particular attention is paid to experience in Russia.

Step 3: Contractor Selection

The contractor is chosen from the number of those that passed the prequalification by means of technical and commercial evaluation. The proposals to be submitted online using ENL software.

While participating in the qualification and tender processes, it is important to:

  • Meet ENL requirement in regards to  information contents and submission due dates;
  • Have available the English speaking  and computer skilled personnel;
  • In case of any questions/difficulties, contact the relevant tender specialist.

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Current tenders

Companies that have relevant specialization and are interested in tender participation should submit their applications to e-mail addresses of the contacts given in a tender announcement.

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Prime contracts awarded and subcontracting opportunities

Please see the list of Sakhalin-1 prime contracts for potential subcontracting opportunities.                                                                                                                                          

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Future tenders

In this section you can find information on future tenders that Exxon Neftegas Limited plans to announce during the next 12 months.

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Prospective Vendor Registration

We are committed to contracting as many local companies as possible. While striving to maximize Russian content, however, preference is given to vendors that are able to effectively support the project objectives

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