Project history

Sakhalin-1 milestones and accomplishments


1977: Odoptu field identified as holding potential oil and/or gas reserves, followed by Chayvo (1979) and Arkutun-Dagi (1989)

1996: Production Sharing Agreement for the project becomes effective

1995-2000: Exploration period includes the drilling of seven appraisal wells and acquisition of more than 1,200 square kilometers of three-dimensional seismic data

2001: Sakhalin-1 Consortium declares the project commercial and the Russian Federation approves the declaration, formally ending the exploration period

2004: Russian government approves the Technical and Economic Substantiation for Construction, allowing Sakhalin-1 to begin full-scale construction of project facilities

2005: Production startup at the Chayvo field in October. Commenced drilling operations from Orlan platform

2006: Sakhalin-1 oil transportation system commissioned in August

2007: Exxon Neftegas Limited has completed drilling of the Z-11 (11,282 m.) extended reach well at the Chayvo field in April 


  • February – Z-12 well drilled at the Chayvo field, setting a new world record for extended reach drilling (11,680 meters)
  • December – International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) recognizes Sakhalin-1 with it's Excellence in Project Integration Award


  • May – Drilling at the Odoptu field begins in May, highlighting the start of the next phase of Sakhalin-1
  • November – Sakhalin-1's De-Kastri Oil Export Terminal named 2009 Terminal of the Year by IV Annual International Congress

2010: Production startup at the Odoptu field in September


  • January – OP-11 well declared at Odoptu field, setting a new world record for extended reach drilling at a total measured depth of 12,345 meters (7.67 miles).  The OP-11 well also sets a world record with a horizontal reach of 11,475 meters (7.13 miles)
  • September – De-Kastri Oil Export Terminal celebrates its fifth anniversary of safe tanker loadings


  • April – Sakhalin-1 loads 500th tanker with crude oil at the De-Kastri Terminal in Khabarovsk Krai
  • Sakhalin-1 completes and installs gravity-based structure (GBS) for the Arkutun-Dagi platform Berkut, offshore Northeast Sakhalin
  • August – Sakhalin-1 Project breaks own record for drilling world`s longest extended-reach well Z-44 (12.376 m.) at the Chayvo field, offshore Russian Far East
  • November – Sakhalin-1 gas supplies to Khabarovsk Krai region reach 10 billion cubic meters
  • December – Inauguration of Technical Oil and Gas Institute of Sakhalin State University

2013: Exxon Neftegas Limited, on behalf of the Sakhalin-1 consortium, made a US $5 million contribution to the healthcare and education of Sakhalin Oblast in January


  • April – Z-40 well declared at Chayvo field, setting a new world record for extended reach drilling at a total measured depth of 13,000 meter
  • June – Berkut platform’s topsides successfully installed at Arkutun-Dagi field

2015: Exxon Neftegas Limited announced it began production at the Arkutun-Dagi field

2016: Odoptu Stage 2 development and South Well Site infrastructure construction under way

2017: Well O-5RD drilled and world record set for a measured depth of 15,000 meters


  • Odoptu field Stage 2 development entered production phase
  • Record daily production level of 300,000 barrels, 20% more than the design capacity of the production facilities

2019: Sakhalin-1 Consortium started preparations for RFE LNG FEED

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Phases and facilities

Sakhalin-1's Chayvo, Odoptu, and Arkutun Dagi license blocks, located off the northeastern coast of Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East, are being developed using a phased approach

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Sakhalin-1 Project Benefits

The Sakhalin-1 Project, operated by Exxon Neftegas Ltd, is one of the largest international investments in Russia and is an excellent example of the multi-faceted benefits that can be provided by a successfully developed and operated world-class oil and gas project in Russia.

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Exxon Neftegas Limited is a recognized leader in the use of advanced technologies for developing offshore fields efficiently and safely in challenging conditions such as these.

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Chayvo license block is being developed both from onshore and offshore facilities

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Odoptu: Krechet drilling rig

In December 2017, the Odoptu Stage 2 development entered into production phase to fully develop the field’s reserves

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Arkutun-Dagi: Berkut Offshore Platform

Arkutun-Dagi licence block is the most remote field of the Sakhalin-1 Project

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