Sakhalin-1: Preserving Unique Traditions and Culture

With Sakhalin-1 support, Sakhalin indigenous minority artists participated in international exhibition Treasures of the North held in Moscow.


Sakhalin-1: Preserving Unique Traditions and Culture

Moscow hosted an international exhibition-fair called, Treasures of the North: Russia’s Craftsmen and Artists, from April 29 – May 3. The exhibition interested many visitors and helped to raise awareness amongst Russian citizens about the lifestyles and traditions of indigenous minority peoples. Sakhalin-1 annually supports Sakhalin Indigenous Minority People (IMPN) representatives who participate in the exhibition, and this year, ENL contributed over 1.5M Rubles!

Thirty-eight well-known local craftsmen represented Sakhalin at the exhibition. The craftsmen displayed their unique works of wood, bones and horns, as well as their clothes made of fish skin and fabric ornately decorated with beads. Many of them demonstrated high level of craftsmanship and received high ratings in various nominations! Mengume Ilga (Silver Ornament), a traditional band from Poronaysk, performed their news songs and dances, and won Best Song and Dance Performance

Sakhaliners took first place in the Nomadic Life of the North category and second place in the Ethnic Cuisine contest! Sakhalin’s local artisans also won a special prize in the Polar Style ethnic fashion festival!

Elena Nikityuk, chairwoman of the Ikh-Mif People ethnic culture center from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, won in her nomination for Research on Ethnic Trades, Traditions and Culture of Indigenous Minorities of the North, Siberia and the RF Far East. Her project, Traditional Arts Immortalized in Craftsmanship, also supported by Sakhalin-1, was highly praised. The project focuses on preserving unique traditional arts of IMPN. Elena meets with craftsmen and carefully describes methods and details of their work through videos. 

Visitors of The Treasures of the North were very excited as they knew a lot about lifestyle and traditions of indigenous minority people. Through the works of the indigenous artisans, their native arts, languages and lifestyles are preserved and continue to survive from generation to generation.