Personnel safety

High safety standards equally apply to company employees and contractors involved with the Sakhalin-1 Project


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Safety Tools and Processes

Behavior-based tools and processes for reducing risks of incidents, including personnel safety, process safety, security, and environmental considerations, are established and maintained through OIMS.

The safety tools and processes applied at Exxon Neftegas Limited are designed so that employees and contractors consistently recognize and proactively mitigate operational, procedural, and physical hazards. In addition, employees and contractors proactively and routinely identify and eliminate their at-risk behaviors and those of their co-workers. Human factors, workforce engagement, and leadership behaviors are addressed in our operations. Unsafe behaviors, at-risk conditions, and other precursors that can lead to incidents are recorded, analyzed, and managed proactively with the goal of eliminating safety incidents. Examples of the safety tools that are used are used every day in our operations include: Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA), Job Safety Analysis (JSA), and Risk Screening Analysis.  These proactive safety tools identify hazards in a timely manner and if a hazard cannot be safely managed, the work is postponed until all hazards are fully managed.

To effectively plan and safely execute daily work activities, we use a work management system. This system ensures that our operations are conducted in a manner that avoids and minimizes the risk of incidents.  System guidelines also provide a uniform procedure for hazard identification, proactive risk control and coordination of work activities during simultaneous operations.

The work management system is applied across all areas of our operations, including those performed by third-party contractors.  A key aspect of the system is the use of work permits.  We regularly monitor operations conducted under work permits against key performance indicators (KPIs).

Life Saving actions (LSA) are key preventative actions for personnel performing jobs with a high degree of risk; they are consistently and systematically applied across our affiliate to safely manage high-hazard work. Examples of LSAs are: working at height, confined space entry, breaking containment and lifting and rigging.

Personnel and Training

Control of operations depends upon people. Achieving Operations Integrity requires the appropriate screening, careful selection and placement, ongoing assessment and proper training of employees, and the implementation of appropriate Operations Integrity programs. Initial, ongoing and periodic refresher training is provided to meet job and legal requirements and to ensure understanding of the proper protective measures to mitigate potential Operations Integrity hazards. This training includes: assessment of employee knowledge and skills relative to requirements, training documentation, and assessments of training effectiveness.

In addition to achieving production goals, we make it our daily objective to cultivate and sustain a strong safety culture among our employees and contractors whether they are in the office, at site, or at home.  At Exxon Neftegas Limited, we continuously strive to enhance our safety culture to keep our employees safe and in order to maintain a strong safety culture, safety must be the foundation of every decision our workforce makes. In addition to following procedures, we provide training and coaching to empower our workforce to make safe choices. In 2018, Exxon Neftegas Limited invested in every employee and contractor by providing a comprehensive training and coaching program called Safe Choice.

This innovative initiative educates employees and contractors involved in the Sakhalin-1 Project.  Safe Choice strengthens and supports a safe work environment by understanding human behaviors and decision-making styles that can be lifesaving.  The program identifies each worker’s decision-making style and equips them with the tools and techniques to make more informed and effective decisions to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them.

Exxon Neftegas Limited is the first ExxonMobil subsidiary to implement the Safe Choice program across the entire affiliate and provide the training in Russian and English. As of early 2019, more than 5,500 workers and contractors have completed the Safe Choice training.

We are confident that the Safe Choice Program will take our safety culture to a new level of excellence on our path to “Nobody Gets Hurt.” 

Personnel Safety Performance

Our operations are based on ensuring safe working conditions, maintaining a balance between economic and environmental needs in the areas of our operations, and protecting the safety and health of our employees, contractors, customers, and the local population. 

Establishing and maintaining a superior safety performance requires leadership commitment at all levels of the organization. We require every employee and contractor to strictly abide by all safety rules while performing every operation.

Consistently monitoring all aspects of personnel safety has decreased lost-time injury rates under the Sakhalin-1 Project to a minimum, and we are working relentlessly to continually improve our Industry- leading performance.

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