Market research and prequalification

You can prequalify for the “Piping” equipment segment by clicking the link below.


Market research and prequalification

Dear Russian equipment manufacturer/supplier,

As part of RF market study that will be followed by prequalification, and in connection with the comprehensive project aimed for providing broader opportunities for Russian manufacturers to be involved in the supplies of equipment, materials and/or services to Sakhalin-1 Project, you are hereby offered to self-prequalify using ENL Self-Qualification Online Tool (SQOT).

SQOT prequalification is currently open for the “Piping” equipment segment.


  1. Registration is required prior to filling in the questionnaire. For any questions concerning registration and SQOT prequalification process, please contact:
  2. At this stage, prequalifying via SQOT does not stipulate automatic inclusion of manufacturer/supplier in the Sakhalin-1 Project procurement process.

You can prequalify for the “Piping” equipment segment by clicking this link.

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