Odoptu: Krechet drilling rig

In December 2017, the Odoptu Stage 2 development entered into production phase to fully develop the field’s reserves


Odoptu: Krechet drilling rig

Odoptu Stage 1

The Odoptu field is located about 70 kilometers to the north from Chayvo well site and nine kilometers off the northeastern coast of Sakhalin island near Piltun Bay. The first stage of the Odoptu field development included drilling of wells and construction of the production facilities at the North Well Site (NWS). The drilling operations commenced in May 2009 following the modification and relocation of the Yastreb drilling rig from the Chayvo field. Though the shallow location of the Odoptu hydrocarbon deposits represented additional challenges to the ENL drilling team, the Odoptu drilling program was successfully completed in 2011 with 9 ERD wells drilled beating several world records.

After initial processing the produced waters are re-injected into the subsoil formations while oil and gas are transported via 80 kilometer long 2 phase flowline to the existing Chayvo Onshore Processing Facility.

After the Odoptu drilling program was completed, Yastreb was dismantled and relocated back to Chayvo Well Site.

Odoptu Stage 2

In December 2017, the Odoptu Stage 2 development entered into production phase to fully develop the field’s reserves and to sustain Sakhalin-1 production levels. To drill wells to the hydrocarbon reservoirs, new drilling rig Krechet is used which has similar design to Yastreb.

Krechet is 70 meters tall and weighs over 7,000 metric tons. The rig has an approximate 2,700 hp top drive that is capable of drilling extended reach wells with a measured depth of up to 13 kilometers (42,000 feet). The rig was built in Brownsville, Texas, specifically for the Sakhalin-1 Project and its a most powerful land rigs in industry. 

The Odoptu Stage 2 project has been executed with the highest safety standards.

For the enhanced safety in an area with harsh climate conditions, ENL successfully applied the modular construction strategy. Heavy modules with process equipment and with sections of the Krechet rig were fabricated at the remote fabrication sites, and then sealifted to the Odoptu construction site by ocean-going barges. It took 18 voyages to deliver the modules weighing over 22,000 tons in total during the ice-free seasons in 2016 and 2017.

In order to address the environmental sensitivities of northeastern Sakhalin, Exxon Neftegas Limited developed and implemented comprehensive environment protection measures for onshore and offshore operations including the Marine Mammal Protection Plan, which became a key to safe completion of the sealift with no incidents to wildlife.

Most importantly, this is all being achieved with the highest level of safety performance. It has been the recipient of the EMDC President SSHE Award in 2013, 2014 and again in 2016.

Odoptu Stage 2 doubled the facility’s capacity, allowing production to reach 60 thousand barrels per day. Krechet will be used to drill 33 more wells at the Odoptu North and Odoptu South well sites.

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