New living conditions for Ulchi district kids


Sofiysk village, Ulchi district, Khabarovsk region, February 12, 2017 - Representatives of ENL Public and Government Relations department visited Boarding School, where kids from a nearby indigenous village of Kalinovka have to stay. A tiny village on the bank of the Amur loses accessibility during spring river break-up and autumn freeze-up, and kids have to stay far from their relatives and close friends during term time, not always even able to return home for school breaks.

For the last two years life for 14 kids at the age of 11-16 has been improved thanks to care and support from the sponsors and school headmaster Georgi Danilovich Konovalov. As a result of this cooperation the Boarding School has been equipped with new comfortable furniture, washing machine, shower units and boilers, TV set, PC and notebook computer; flooring and light fixtures have been repaired.    

The canteen has been also renewed with a new stove, a dish washer, a fridge, a freezer chest and new furniture for the dining room.  

One more valuable project has been implemented and there are many more plans and places ahead to care about and support.

For reference: Sofiysk village is located on an a picturesque bank of Amur river 120 km away from the district center – Bogorodskoye village and 100 km from De-Kastri Oil Export Terminal.

Sakhalin -1 Consortium donated 620 thousand rubles in 2015 and 790 thousand rubles in 2016 to improve life of the kids.