Phases & facilities

Sakhalin-1's Chayvo, Odoptu, and Arkutun Dagi fields, located off the northeastern coast of Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East, are being developed using a phased approach. Operations and facilities are located on both the island and mainland Russia.   

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Project map

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The first phase of Sakhalin-1 is developing the Chayvo field from both onshore and offshore facilities.  Produced oil and gas is transported to the Chayvo Onshore Processing Facility where it is processed and stabilized for further shipment. 

Drilling at Odoptu began in May 2009; and in September 2010 commercial oil and gas production from the field was commenced.  In February 2011 the initial drilling program was successfully completed at the field.

Another major phase of the project will develop the Arkutun-Dagi field, just east of Chayvo.  Production is anticipated to begin in 2014. 

Future project plans call for the expanded development of Chayvo natural gas resources.